We are a no-barrier organization. All who hunger for food and hope are welcome.


Ronnie has been a Storehouse neighbor for about a year. He is a 57-year-old man who has experienced significant loss in his life and his business, leaving him with nothing. 


Over the year, Ronnie would drop in regularly, then we wouldn’t see him for a while.  In the Fall, Ronnie showed up to the Storehouse.  He was thinner than he had been before and wanted to talk. That morning he woke up and he told us that the Lord led him to the Storehouse…he was not sure why. It must have been a strong pull from the Lord because it was a 6-hour walk.  


He tells us that there is something about the Storehouse and the people who serve that has impacted him greatly. He said he feels so welcome and feels the joy within the volunteers’ hearts. He said that, as a Muslim, he has always felt in darkness, that there is so much pain and punishment in his religion, and that he now wants to become a Christian.  He wanted the joy and peace that he had experienced from the volunteers, to live in the light.  

So, we walked Ronnie through the gospel, and he put ALL his faith and trust in Jesus. That evening we sent him to the House of Peace because he had no home, and he is being discipled there now…praise be to God.  Just a few weeks ago, Ronnie was baptized at Central Bible Church by our Storehouse Director, Jon Rhiddlehoover.


The Storehouse volunteers love the neighbors who come to the food pantry. They welcome people from anywhere with the goal of loving them no matter what, they seek to show them they are valuable, and they do it with the Gospel in their heart. They share encouraging scripture and pray for each neighbor that comes in. If God would allow, the volunteers will share the Gospel with a neighbor, and many come to faith in Jesus. The Lord is adding to our numbers daily, those who are being saved.


This missional community prays for gospel opportunities, welcomes the outsiders, and proclaims to them the good news of Jesus Christ.